About me

Photography is the search of the missing piece…

This blog collects photos that are most significant to me.
These photos has been taken in different time, with different cameras,
with dissimilar tecnologies, with new or impersonal eyes…
They have a common thread: weave a mosaic of various elements,
to compose a story whose limits are not known at the beginning.

Starting a journey we imagine what it will look like
and what we want to see and meet… and as often happens, and hopefully also here, the collected photos later reveal a story that looks unusual.
Those details escaped from the will of the prevision, open
unexpected perspectives on the very meaning of photography:
revealing frame by frame which journey actually took place.

Grows the conviction that step by step,
this mosaic composed of “traveling photos” will never end,
and for this reason, just added a new dagger
begins an apparently free escape for the search of the next one.

Thanks for visiting this blog,
Every suggestion will be appreciated.

July, 2017


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