About me

The photography is the piece missing research…

This blog collects the most meaningful photos to me.
These photos has been taken in different time, different cameras,
different tecnologies, different eyes…
That have a common path: to weave a patchwork of various pieces,
to compose a story we can’t know from the beginning.

Starting with a trip, we imagine what we’ll see,
what we want to see… and often it happens, here as well,
the photos, collected later, reveal a story which appears to be different,
that path the focus at particulars
missed at our will of the prediction,
to reveals frame by frame
which travel we really engaged.

It grows the conviction that, step by step,
this patchwork composed from photos won’t ever end
and for this reason we provide to add a plug
and immediatly after, look for next.

Thanks for visiting this blog,
Any suggestion will be appreciated.

April, 2012

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